Good Diet

The USDA “ChooseMyPlate” basic food group for healthy diet, with a plate of food choices including grains, protein, vegetables, fruits and dairy. This plate pie chart concept replaces the former food pyramid recommendation for guidance on the amount of milk, bread, pasta, chicken and other foods advised for balanced meals.

Could there be a single diet for most modern lifestyle-caused ailments ? Well, yes. True. A balanced diet of prudent moderation, avoiding excesses of any type. The gains of any such dietary regimen shall stand totally nullified by seven major factors – ONE – stress, TWO – long sitting hours, THREE – smoking, FOUR – excessive alcohol consumption, FIVE – consumption of narcotics (unless any variety specifically prescribed for you), SIX – sedentary lifestyle, SEVEN – consumption of ever-increasing number and dosage of prescription medication. In the last category, the most notable examples are the drugs used top counter gout, amiodarone (for cardiac arrhythmias), hyperlipidemia, gabapentin, sedatives & tranquilizers, steroids and some diabetes and hypertension medication. Yes, I mean it. Some drugs can surely make you sick, very sick indeed – the side effects vary from person to person of course.
Besides the dietary inclusions what matters most is the quantity (portion-size) of the items consumed and the frequency of food intake. Diabetics, especially those on insulin therapy, may have to eat more frequently to maintain their blood sugar levels. Of all the ailments listed in this blog, the gout patients need to be particularly careful about the items they include for their daily consumption.